Om Mata Jaya Durga Kali Lakshmi Kirtan Devi Mother God Godess Music by Ruzan

Ruzan is singing Om Mata Jaya for you: Om Mata Jaya Durga Ma Jaya Kali Ma Jaya Lakshmi Ma This Kirtan is the embodiment of all three aspects of the cosmic mother. Durga: The shelter, the energy which takes care of us and brings us up. Kali: The one who helps us surmount every obstacle which keeps us from feeling deep joy and deep inner peace. Kali helps us to overcome our ignorances and let go of that, what is time to be let go of. Lakshmi: Fulfills us with spiritual wealth, material and emotional wellbeing. Everything we have comes from her. Om Mata Jaya! May the peace of mother god be with you and guide you through your life! Hari Om.

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